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Marriott Waters

2013 Winner of Victoria’s Best Master Planned Development

Watsons saw the tremendous opportunity to completely reconfigure the “standard” retarding basin required for the precinct and re-designed it into a spectacular linear landscaped wetland with the retarding basin hidden amongst extensive high amenity passive open space.

The project delivers:

  • 1000 residential lots.
  • Shopping centre including two major supermarkets and residents’ club facility.
  • Primary school and 8ha of regional sporting facilities.
  • Fully landscaped inclusive of wetlands, open water bodies and 9km of walking trails.
  • Extensive Urban Art within the landscaped areas.

Planning Achievements

  • Multi-award winning urban design with wetlands, integrated linear walking/cycling facilities and commercial centre with Marriott Waters’ Residents Club facility.
  • Resolution of land compensation issues stemming from VicRoads acquisitions.
  • Obtained all authority approvals, environmental/cultural heritage approvals and permits for all aspects of the project through to delivery.

Survey Achievements

  • Comprehensive cadastral and detail surveys utilizing state of the art equipment ensured the project was based on a solid foundation of accurate data.
  • Major as-constructed survey of the wetlands to satisfy referral authority requirements.
  • Registration of over 1000 residential lots, common property, wetland reserves, commercial and school sites on a complex staged plan of subdivision.

Engineering Achievements

Designed and delivered:

  • All aspects of the civil design including the linear wetlands.
  • Construction supervision for the development.
  • One of Melbourne’s first “3rd Pipe” recycled water systems.
  • Melbourne Water drainage pipelines.
  • A major branch sewer.
  • A number of VicRoads signalised intersections.
Marriott Waters Artworks
Marriott Waters Shopping Centre
Marriott Waters Wetlands